Tuesday, April 27, 2010


We were outside playing in the backyard this afternoon, Jorja, Ginny and I. They have a toy lawn mower that the handle pulls off the base. Jorja had found the base, and decided she wanted to use it. The only problem was that Ginny had the handle. A verbal war of words ensued, and then a tug-of-war. At this point I stepped in and said that if they couldn't take turns, no one was going to use it. Well, long story short, they couldn't come to a consensus as to who should go first, so I took it away. Jorja then proceeded to have a major tantrum, stomped her foot, and yelled at me. I calmly explained that this was no way to talk to me and if she didn't apologize, she would be sitting on the outside 'naughty step.' Well, she didn't apologize, so I sent her off. She said no. Stubborn little thing. I said that if she didn't go, I would take something away. She stomped off and broke out into her death-wail, a high-pitched scream that sounds as though the world is ending. And she didn't stop. I'm sure the neighbors must have thought she was in fact dieing, or that I was killing her. Eventually, she relented and came over and said sorry. Good times.

On the upside, I think we set a new record today. We went to Costco this morning, bought four things and only spent $35. I couldn't belive it.

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