Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Four year old mother

I was tucking the girls into bed this evening, and laying the law down for Ginny (because that works so well) about not getting out of bed. Jorja told me, "Don't worry Dad, I'm actually going to have a little chat with her when you go downstairs." All right then.

I fired up the lawn mower this afternoon to pick up all the leaves etc. on the lawn. I was walking outside with my toolbox, when Julie gave me this funny look. What, I said, it may need some work the first time of the year. "And you know how?" she says. "Honey", I say, "How long have you known me, and don't these things always work out?" She had to admit that they usually did, and that she felt proud of me when they did. Pride after the fact is great, I said, but a little faith beforehand might be good. Oh well, for as often as I use tools, she's probably got reason to doubt. I can do a lot of things when I have to, I just don't really enjoy tinkering with things like a lot of guys do.

The girls were playing outside after I was done mowing, and Julie and I went in to get ready for supper. We had the window open and Jorja was yelling, "Bang, bang, rattle-bing-bang gonna make my noise all day." Ginny tells her that that is really noisy. "Good, then I'll get their attention."

I took Jorja to piano lessons this morning, and we were coming home on Broadway and the pubs must have their patios set up. "Look Dad, there's an umbrella of your work." Do a lot of four year olds know beer logos?

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