Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Well, today started with a blow-out and ended with a melt-down. The middle was all right, for the most part, I think.

First, the blow-out. CeCe rarely poops when she's not eating. Depending on how you're holding her, it's kind of a crap shoot as to if it's going to be contained or not. Today, it was not. Half way up her back. Not good.

It was still cold today, but not raining anymore, so that was good. We were able to walk to preschool anyway. I usually walk Jorja there, and then Ginny always needs to come and pick her up. Today was no different. Ginny and I got there to pick her up, and it's like the long lost reunion between the two of them. Jorja comes running to the door. "Ginny came!" Then one of her little friends asked her if that was her new sister. "No", she replied, "she's my old sister." So then we walked home, the two of them holding hands pretty much the whole way. Half way home we discovered we could see our breath today, so there was a lot of puffing to see that for a while. "It's silver air Ginny."

I made tacos for supper tonight. I was almost done when Jorja came up and asked what we were having. "I don't like that. I had that once when I was two." Well, I inform her that IS what we are having. I decided to try letting them build their own - maybe that would make them taste better. Well, it worked. It was a bit of a struggle by the end, but they both ate one. It helped that Julie was making cookies and that always makes for a good bribe.

We were done tubbing a little early tonight, so it was pedicure time. It is amazing how still Ginny can sit when Julie is painting her toes. The two of them are always so proud of their freshly painted toes.

Then, the melt-down. Ginny goes to bed not too bad, but if for some reason, we need to go back up to the kitchen before she's asleep, it's a disaster. By then, she's quite overtired and just gets herself more and more worked up. An hour later, she's finally asleep.

Here's hoping they sleep good tonight...

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