Thursday, April 15, 2010

Killing things

It was finally nice enough to go outside today. We went for a walk around the crescent, Jorja rode her bike and I pulled Ginny and CeCe in the wagon. Jorja is getting pretty good - no where near losing the training wheels, but all right. She calls her bike Jasmine, and talks to it as she rides, chastises it when it takes a wrong turn, or falls over.

Then we played outside in the back yard for a while. I was holding CeCe when Jorja came running over saying there was a beetle in the wagon. "Ginny, stay away from the beetle, they can sting sometimes." I'm not sure where she got that from, but oh well. Anyway, I tell her that she should kill it. No way, she says. I then remind her how she killed an ant a couple of days earlier. This gives her a new sense of courage and she says, "Watch out Ginny, I've got to go kill something." Ahh, the brave hunter.

I'm now watching the late showing of Survivor. Gotta run.

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