Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rain, rain

Well, CeCe had to go for a hearing test this afternoon - just a routine thing they do now, usually while you are still in the hospital after birth, but we got missed. All is well, except for the fact that we had to venture out in the weather today. It rained a ton.

We decided to just go out for supper after the appointment. Jorja eats chicken finger, Ginny eats 'fwies'. It works out all right, so they can just split a meal. Half way through supper Ginny asks, "What day is it today?" Tuesday, I say. "Tuesday, ok. What number is it?" Thirteen, I tell her. "Thirteen, ok." What a two year old needs to know the day and the date for, I'm not sure. I guess she needs to plan her calendar. I guess she gets it from Jorja, who always needs to know the day. Monkey see, monkey do.

The new season of Glee starts tonight. I have to admit, I am excited. Does that make me gay? It probably doesn't help, but I'm all right. I'm secure. I've worn a pink Ariel crown to play the princess board game. I'm good.

Jorja is asleep now, and Ginny keeps coming out of bed. I am amazed at the racket Jorja can sleep through. Some days it's a lot. We weren't really familiar with tantrums till Ginny came along. She is definitely willful. And independent.

Well, time to pour the diet Pepsi and watch TV. Later.

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