Sunday, April 25, 2010

The weekend at my parents' place

We arrived in Tofield in time for supper on Thursday. We had left here right after lunch, thinking the girls would nap right away. Well, that didn't happen. We were well past Battleford, and I think it was after 3:30 by the time they fell asleep. Needless to say, it was not an early bedtime. However, for our girls (Jorja especially), a late night does not translate into a sleep in.

That was all right the first day, because we were going to Edmonton to do some shopping. Let me tell you, trying to shop with a four year old, a two year old and a two month old in the West Edmonton Mall is an exercise in futility. One is touching this, one is running that way, one is waking up and wanting the soother...a general gong show really. I had brought the stroller that seats two (the car seat with CeCe and one more), but trying to get Ginny to sit in it was not happening. So we tried to shop a bit in the morning, then met a friend of Julie's for lunch, and then we were pretty much drained.

The girls had fun playing with Nanny and Pappa. At one point, Jorja and Ginny were both sitting on Dad's lap, and he was drawing them pictures on one of those magnetic boards. "Draw a house Pappa."...pause while he draws..."That's not a very good house Pappa. Draw a cow"...pause while he draws..."That's the weirdest cow I've ever seen"...ahh, the honesty of a four year old. Later on, Ginny and Mom were doing a wooden puzzle. All the shapes were in, except one. "I think it's under your bum," Mom says. Ginny gets up and looks, "No, it was under my 'gina (she kind of loses the first syllable of that word)." Ahh, the honesty of a two year old.

We woke up this morning to snow. What's up with that. Then it snowed off and on the whole way home, and now it is still snowing. Last week, we were wearing shorts and sandals. I'm not impressed. Here's hoping it warms up soon.

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