Friday, August 27, 2010


I know the teething hasn't even really started yet (nothing is through anyway), but when will it end? CeCe has not slept worth a hoot in days. Yes I said hoot. I think I spent half the night in the rocker-recliner with her last night. I feel refreshed.

On the positive side though, CeCe has been rolling around like crazy as of late and sits up pretty well by herself too. When she's not miserable with her teeth, she is a really happy baby. She eats 'solids' great but usually has to go straight to the tub when she is done.

It was warm enough yesterday to turn the sprinklers on for the girls. We've had two days of +30 weather here. Unfortunately, it has been cold for so long that the pool never got over 19. Too cold for me.

We have been doing a bit of a clean/purge in the house as of late and selling a bunch of stuff on kijiji. It is amazing what people will buy and how fast they respond to an ad. Yesterday we had quite a few people coming, so Julie stayed in the house while I took the girls for a bike ride. Jorja rode her own bike, and I hitched up the chariot to put CeCe into behind my bike. I didn't feel like supervising a tricycle ride with CeCe along. So by the time I had everything hooked up, I figured we should at least go around the block twice. The first time Jorja said we were having a race. By the second lap, she was yelling, "It's not a race!" Fickle little thing. At one point, I was riding beside her coasting when she looked over. She then started to coast as well. I asked her what she was doing and she just said she was riding like me. Needless to say, it was more about the fresh air and being out of the house than exercise for me. Later.

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