Sunday, August 29, 2010


Today we hit a milestone. Julie and I were both able to have a nap upstairs together at the same time. We got home after lunch and felt the need for a Sunday afternoon snooze. When I was growing up, Mom and Dad used to call it a 'metashlope'. I have no idea how to spell the word (it's German), so I just went with how it sounds. Most Sunday afternoons, after church, after lunch, Mom and Dad would have a metashlope. Up until now, the kids haven't been old enough for this to happen. Sometimes one of us can have a nap while the other dozes on the couch - being in sight seemed to be good enough. But today was different. We put CeCe down in her crib, put 'Sleeping Beauty' on, and told the girls we were going to have a nap. They did awesome. It was so nice, and we were so impressed with them. The house was still standing too.

Here's one for the category, 'you know you're a princess when...': We were getting ready for church this morning, and the girls noticed Julie putting on lipstick, and had to have some too. I like to tease them a bit, so I asked Jorja if I could have a kiss. "No Dad, not until bed time, I have lipstick on." All right then. As we were leaving, Ginny wanted a drink of water. "I'm thirsty!" Then Jorja chimed in. "Me too! I'm thirsty too!" As Ginny was having her drink, Jorja started to think about this. She asked, "Will my lipstick come off?" Julie replied that some if it would. "I'm not thirsty anymore."

Tomorrow morning is Kindergarten registration. So it begins. I believe there will only be one more half-day this week, with a small group of kids, and then it gets into full swing next week. Should be interesting. It's still kind of hard to believe. Later.

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