Thursday, August 12, 2010


This afternoon, I took all three girls on a little outing. I had a couple of errands to run, and then we had to go to Safeway. The first stop was to Shaw to return all their equipment. I decided it would be easier to leave the oldest two girls in the car and just take CeCe while I ran in. It was mid afternoon, so I had brought along a snack for them to occupy their time just in case I had to wait a couple of minutes. It wasn't super warm today, but I thought I would crack the windows just to give them some fresh air. It had been cloudy all day, but nothing was really happening. So I had them all set up, took CeCe and the cable box inside, and had to wait in line for a minute. Then the sky opened up. I'm talking torrential downpour. Out of nowhere with no lead up. Just sheets of rain. I'm standing there with CeCe and I realized that I left the windows in the car open. Now what to do? There was a bush between the window and the car so I couldn't actually see them, but the direction of the rain looked like it shouldn't be too bad. I decided to wait. It took a few minutes until I was done, and then I threw a cloth shopping bag over CeCe's head and ran out. From the building out to the sidewalk I was soaked. I opened the car door and realized that perhaps I should have came out sooner. The girls were in hysterics. "The windows are open! The windows are open!" I got them shut and me and CeCe in and then proceeded to try and calm them down. They weren't wet, so that was good. Had I left CeCe in the car too, she would have been soaked. Eventually the wails turned to sobs and then to sniffles, and then to just tear stained cheeks. Boy, did I ever feel like the good Dad. I waited a few minutes more before driving away because the windshield wipers couldn't keep up. The storm sewers couldn't keep up, there was water up on to the sidewalks. It was a serious storm. It was over in ten minutes, but it was nasty. It just had to happen for those particular ten minutes. There was no sign, I mean, I wouldn't have left the windows open if I thought it would rain. Crazy. Just another reason to get rid of Shaw. Later.

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