Saturday, August 14, 2010

Up too early

Why is it that not all three kids can have a good night's sleep on the same day? Well, I guess technically the night was all right, CeCe just decided that she was ready to be awake at 6:00am. So here I sit, eyes half glued shut with her in the exer-saucer beside me. I tried getting her back to sleep, but it wasn't happening. So I decided to cut my losses and just bring her downstairs before she woke up her sisters. If they were both up already, it would make for a very miserable day.
Jorja finished swimming lessons yesterday and she passed her 'sea turtle' level. Next stop, 'salamander'. She did so awesome, we're really proud of her.

Last year, Jorja got a karaoke machine for her birthday. Lately, it has been getting a workout by both her and Ginny. Ginny has been enjoying it this past week while Jorja was at swimming lessons - pretty much an hour of uninterrupted solo time. She has a CD with 30 kids songs on it ranging from 'The wheels on the bus' to 'Down by the bay' to 'The itsy bitsy spider.' On Thursday Julie took Jorja to swimming lessons, and Ginny asked to sing. So I got her all set up and then I had to feed CeCe. I fed CeCe her bottle and came back upstairs to find her laying in the window, relaxing and singing. It was pretty cute. Later.

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