Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Here I sit, up before 7 again. CeCe is awake, and in an attempt to keep the rest of the house sleeping, I brought her downstairs. I'm not sure Jorja is really sleeping, but we'll see. Ginny was awake at 6 and that woke Jorja up. I know Ginny went back to sleep, but usually when Jorja is awake by 6ish, she stays up. Then she lays in bed until 7 because that's the rule. Actually she lays in bed until 7:08 because I have her clock set a bit slow. Oh yes, I'm sneaky.

I guess we're just not used to this school registration thing yet, but the whole thing was rather anticlimactic. Julie and Jorja walked to school at about quarter to nine and were home by 9:02. I barely had the other two dressed. Oh well. Now Jorja goes Thursday afternoon with a group of 7 kids and then again on Friday with the whole class (21 I think). So we have two more days until it all begins.

Ah yes, it's 7:08 and I hear footsteps. Later.

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