Tuesday, August 10, 2010

37 and 364/365

Tomorrow is my birthday. Not a significant one, I'm turning 38. That's not old yet in Jorja's books. That happens at 40. When I turn 40, all my hair will fall out and I will be totally bald. Or if I was a girl, all my hair would be white. At least I've got a couple of good years left. Perhaps I should grow it out while I have the chance, relive my youth, long locks flowing out from under the hockey helmet....ahh, those were the days.

The other day we were running some errands, and I had to stop to get gas. The girls were famished (or so they said) so I picked them up a bag of mini Ritz sandwiches and a bottle of lemonade. They were in heaven. They've got some work to do drinking out of a bottle yet. I took a peak down the neck at one point, and there were a lot of cracker crumbs in there. At one point, the crackers had just been finished, and Ginny was having a drink. Jorja noticed a rather large crumb on Ginny's cheek and picked it off and proceeded to eat it herself. Sheesh. Kind of reminded me of monkeys at the zoo.

I think the pool is back in business. If it would stop raining that is. I shocked it with chlorine again last night, and today it is all clear. It still smells like there is a lot of chlorine in there, but that will be gone soon if the sun comes out. I guess I'll have to keep on top of things now.

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