Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dark socks

Here I sit once again, up too early. It started with CeCe again, and was followed by the other two girls. So they were all up by 6:30. This should make for a fun day - they are such pleasant little creatures when they're overtired. So am I for that matter.

The girls seem to be fascinated with marriage these days. They play this game where Jorja does Ginny's hair and makeup for her wedding. Ginny sits so still while Jorja applies the imaginary blush and eye shadow. It's quite cute to watch. Anyway, usually when they talk about getting married, they want to get married to me. Julie had a little chat with them the other day and explained that someday they would meet a special boy and fall in love and get married. Somehow the supper conversation turned to spouses a couple of nights ago. Ginny said he would marry a special boy, but that "I don't like dark socks!" You don't like dark socks, I say, that's one of your requirements for a husband, no dark socks. "Yes, only light." It's good to have priorities I guess.

Lately the girls have been into telling jokes - variations of 'why did the chicken cross the road?' and 'knock knock' jokes. They make up their own animals and people in the jokes which aren't usually even remotely funny.

"Knock knock"
Who's there?
Monkey who?
"Monkey in the tub." *hysterical laughter*

Yes, they are pretty good. So on Sunday we are coming home from church and Ginny pipes up, "Why did Jesus cwoss the woad?" I reply that I don't know. "Jesus cwossed the woad to get to ...(pause while she thinks)...the Jesus!" Yes, they're not exactly comedy writers yet. Later.

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