Wednesday, August 25, 2010


We got the girls' hair cut this morning and they were thrilled of course. "Don't you like my hair Dad? Isn't it beautiful?" Julie got a few inches cut off Jorja's and it looks really good - it was getting really long and kind of scraggly at the ends. Not to mention the drama every time you try to brush it and it is tangled up. On days when they don't have any pony tails in, we usually say they are having a ragga-muffin (sp?) day. Jorja now says that she wants to have a raggin' muffin day, and Ginny says that she wants to have a dragon muffin day. Lost in translation I guess.

This afternoon Jorja and I had doctor's appointments. Jorja is doing great, no concerns. I was just there to get a referral for the post-vasectomy check - you know, I don't want to spell it out, but to make sure that the procedure was a success. There was a resident there today, which I didn't mind, but I don't think she had any forewarning about what I was there for. (Julie and CeCe saw the same resident yesterday). She asked why I was there so I told her. She seemed a bit taken aback and then typed some stuff into the computer. Then she asked what was wrong that I had this done. Now I was taken aback. I said the she met the reason yesterday. Eventually we got everything sorted out and my family doc gave me the necessary requisition and a cup. Later.

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