Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I'm not sure if it's just the age or her personality, but Ginny always seems to have her head somewhere else than the task at hand. When I'm helping her put on her sandals or flip-flops, she is laying down, trying to get a toy for CeCe, saying how thirsty she is, anything other that cooperating. All she has to do is hold her foot fairly stiff so that I can get the little piece of plastic between her toes. "Ginny! Straighten out your toes. Look here. Focus!" When she is getting dressed, sometimes she has trouble with her pants, especially if she is putting on leggings. So I go to help her and again, all she has to do is point her toes down. "Ginny! Point your toes. Focus!"

Yesterday I took Jorja and Ginny around the block, Jorja on her bike and Ginny on her tricycle. I must be a sucker for punishment, because that is a long way to assist the tricycle rider. She does pretty good with the pedalling part (much better than Jorja ever did), but the steering leaves something to be desired. Jorja is miles ahead of us, and waiting. "Okay Ginny look where Jorja is. Aim your handle bars for her." So we start pedalling. Oh look, dandelion...hard left. Oh look, puddle...hard right. Oh look, bird...even harder right. "Ginny! You have to go straight. Look ahead and drive that way, not all over the place. Focus!" At this point she stops, looks at me and asks, "Dad, is Focus a boy or a girl?" Apparently not a girl. Later.

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