Thursday, July 15, 2010

Riding in the truck

Today was the day the dishwasher arrived. Since I borrowed my brother's truck to clean up some yard stuff last week and he told me to keep it while he was on holidays this week, I thought I would use it to pick up the dishwasher. But first I took the old one to the dump this morning. Jorja was still at DVBS today, so I took Ginny for a ride by herself. She thought that was pretty cool, riding in the front seat of the truck right beside me. (It's an old truck with no airbag, and I put her seat in, it was all good.) On the way home, I thought I would ask her if she wanted a treat. Naturally she replied yes. So we stopped at a corner store that has a bakery in it and picked up some doughnuts. I was good with just getting some for us, but she insisted that we get one for Jorja too. I thought that since Jorja was doing her own thing, Ginny could use her own treat too. But she wasn't going for it. It's nice to see she's that considerate. Jorja was the same way when I would stop with her after a soccer game. She always insisted on getting something for Ginny too. Too bad they will likely outgrow that. Anyway, after we get the doughnuts and get home, I go to roll up the window. Ginny asks what I'm doing. Then it dawns on me that she has probably never seen a vehicle where you have to roll up the window without pushing a button. Crazy.

The dishwasher was in after lunch, so I took both girls with me to get it. Apparently Jorja didn't know about rolling down windows either. She really took to it though. She asked if she could roll it down and I said sure. She rolled it down till it was a couple inches from the bottom and stopped. I told her that this window would go all the way down if she wanted. Well, you should have seen the look on her face. She thought she was pretty grown up. It must be a totally different experience riding in the front seat when all you've ever done is ride in the back. They were both just full of questions about pedals, buttons, levers. They thought it was pretty cool.

Then came the task of installing the dishwasher. Things went fairly well. First I hooked up the water and turned it on. No leaks. Good. Then I hook up the water drain line. Finally the power. Then the ultimate test - down to the basement to flick the breaker. No smoke. No fire. No Julie yelling, "What have you done?! Turn it off! Turn it off! Turn it off!!!" (She was on the lookout for me while I went downstairs. Then we washed a load of dishes and it worked. Clean dishes and a dry floor. I was pretty proud of myself.

We started watching the new summer show 'Rookie Blue.' (A cop show.) It's awesome. It is really the only thing worth watching on TV right now. Well that, and the Bachelorette (Julie always watches it and I started and now I'm hooked.) Okay, the Bachelorette isn't worth watching, but I just can't stop. Yes, it's embarrassing, I know. Later.

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