Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Well, I'm now sitting at about 35 hours until the 'procedure'. That's what they called it when I went in for my initial consult. I have to admit that up until now, I have been pretty okay with the whole thing. It didn't really freak me out. I'm now beginning to get a bit nervous. I'm not nervous or unsure about being sterile, just the getting there. I don't regret not having a boy, I am incredibly blessed with three beautiful, healthy girls, whom I adore. When I was tucking Jorja in this evening, she told me I smelled good (I had just showered) - you can't really beat that. Plus, Julie and I never really agreed on a boy's name (other than David). She didn't like Virgil and I didn't like Blake. But back to the procedure. It all sounds pretty straight forward, but you never know. I'm getting the 'no needle, no scalpel' option, so there's supposed to far fewer complications. I guess as long as I take it easy, keep things iced, it should go all right. I 'prepped' for the surgery this evening. That was...interesting. I threw that blade out when I was done. Anyhow, I feel better now that I've talked about this a bit.

We're going to go into the brewery tomorrow morning for the annual pancake breakfast. Maybe pancakes and a beer first thing in the morning will calm the nerves. Hmm, maybe I should go on Friday as well. No, that won't be necessary. It will all be good. Later.

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