Monday, July 12, 2010


We have had an interesting couple of days. It started Saturday evening when our dishwasher decided to pee all over the floor. Not good, but Julie noticed in time and it wasn't too bad. I turned off the breaker to it and turned off the shut off valve and thought everything would be good. We got a sitter for the two older girls Sunday afternoon and went shopping. Trying to do any meaningful shopping where you have to converse with a salesperson with the two of them along is a lost cause. It almost felt like a date without the two of them...nice. We found a dishwasher at Sears, but it won't be in until Thursday. That's a long time, and a lot of dishes. So fast forward to this morning and I walked into the kitchen and stepped into a puddle. What?! Why is water still going into the dishwasher, let alone out of the dishwasher. Obviously the shut off valve no longer shuts off, but that still doesn't explain why the water was going in. Anyway, I went downstairs to investigate further, when I saw a bunch of water dripping down there. But it's not coming from where the dishwasher is. I do some figuring and realize it's coming from behind the stove. What?! I went back upstairs and pulled the stove out (gross!) and yes, water is pooling there. What next. So I pulled the dishwasher right out, fixed the valve and now we wait. The valve had me worried for a while because one of the home improvement tasks that scares me is soldering. However, I was able to get it fixed without a torch, so I was happy. $6 and a trip to Rona and we were set. At least it should stay dry. I was beginning to think the dishwasher may be possessed, but hopefully it can't flood us from the patio. And on the upside, behind the stove got washed.

Jorja was talking about aging this evening and how 'old' people get white hair. Julie said that she is getting grey hair, does that make her old. "Yes it does." I say that some people just lose their hair and go bald. "Yeah Dad, like the hole on top of your head." Ah, she sure knows how to make a person feel good.

We enrolled Jorja in a DVBS program at a local church here (she's not old enough to go to our church's program, but we got a pamphlet in our mailbox and thought we would give it a try). She did really well, considering she didn't know anyone. I asked her today if she made any friends. She replied, "I told you Dad, I didn't learn anyone's name." I guess that means knowing someone's name makes you friends. Interesting concept. I guess that means she's ready for Facebook. Poor Ginny was a little out of sorts this morning though without her sister for two hours. She didn't quite know what to do with herself. (Probably because she's used to being told what she should be doing with herself).

I'm feeling pretty good this evening. Things are getting back to normal, not too sore anymore. Suck it up already the women out there are probably thinking. Try giving birth. All right, I'm done talking about it. Later.

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