Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Christmas in July

We got back from my parents' place yesterday. We had a good trip - the visit was dubbed 'Christmas in July' because everyone was there - all my siblings, spouses and kids, as well as my grandparents. It's getting harder to all get together, especially at Christmas, so we found a weekend in the summer that worked for everyone. The weather cooperated too, which was a blessing (there are four of us in the family, plus my parents and grandparents and then 8 kids). It would have been awfully crowded if it rained. The girls had a blast playing with their cousins, and we had a good visit. The ride home went remarkably well too. CeCe had a 2+ hour snooze, and the other two girls both slept for over an hour, we stopped once to feed CeCe, and everyone was fairly well behaved.
We were barely home five minutes, and I had changed two poopy diapers already. Ginny never pooped the whole weekend we were were away, and CeCe only did once. I too suffer from this problem quite often. Some of Julie's friends call it 'holiday lockdown.' When I was still working, they were talking about it on the radio one morning too, so I know it's a real problem. Anyway, Ginny has been cleansing ever since she's been home - twice yesterday, and four times today. Did I mention that my Mom makes really good bran muffins that the girls both love and ate quite a few of on the weekend? I think everyone is pretty much cleaned out now though.

I made the call today to switch back to Sasktel. I just can't believe how crappy Shaw is. Last night when we were watching the Bachelorette (I know), even Julie said how glitchy and pixely it was. That was the final straw. Not to mention, I couldn't go through a whole CFL season with the picture we had. So July 29, we switch back. They've got quite a good deal on too, for people who are coming back from Shaw. Plus, Sasktel has the Playhouse Disney channel, which Shaw doesn't offer. That means no Strawberry Shortcake, Carebears, Handy Manny...It was a bit of an adjustment for the girls. So today I told Jorja that we were getting it back and she was ecstatic. Tonight when we were saying our prayers she thanked God that 'Daddy talked to those boys and that on July 29 we are going to switch TV.'

Jorja's fifth birthday is coming up this week on the 22nd. We're having her party on Saturday, so that should be draining (there will be 7 little girls in the house for two hours). She's pretty excited though. One little girl that she invited wasn't able to come, so there were tears over that this morning. It's a rough life. Later.

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