Wednesday, July 14, 2010

House Hunters

There's not much for TV on during the days (or late at night for that matter) but we usually like to watch something while feeding CeCe. It usually ends up being HGTV. At first I didn't think the girls ever paid much attention when it wasn't a kids' show. Apparently I was wrong. It started with Ginny asking, "Is this House Hunters?" every time I turned on the TV. Hmm. Now lately, the girls have started playing 'House Hunters.' Jorja is the real estate agent and Ginny is the client. The other morning they came up to me and Jorja asked me if I knew of any nice houses for this little girl. I replied that I thought the pink house (their room) would be a good house for her. So she took her there and showed her all the features, and I guess it must have been a sale. Then Jorja came and asked me if I needed a house. I was just about to feed CeCe, so I replied that yes, I did need a house, and one that would be good for a baby. She took me down to the family room and pointed out the chair where we always feed CeCe and the pillow we use under our arms. "I think this would be a good house. It has this chair and this pillow. It would be very good for a baby." Another sale. She's good.

Julie had to have a mole cut off today at the doctor's office. Sometimes Julie doesn't do that well with needles, so I took the girls to check on her when it was done. It just so happened that Julie's appointment was at the time when I had to pick Jorja up from DVBS, so we couldn't just drive her. So I took the other two girls, picked Jorja up and went to the doctor's office. On the way over, Ginny asked if the doctor used pink scissors. I replied that I wasn't sure. Then she asked if she used a pink knife. Jorja replied that the knife would just be silver. "Everything in a doctor's office is either silver, white or clear." It turned out Julie was fine. I guess after three children and all the needles that go along with that, having GBS and getting a spinal tap, she's getting better at handling needles.

Julie's Dad was in town today on some business and he stopped by with Jorja's birthday present. They had also got some fold-up canvas lawn chairs for the girls that they could have today. They even have cup holders in the arm. So they wanted to take them out this afternoon to try them out. They asked for their water bottles immediately of course. Now I know they always like to sit at the top of their play centre to sip their water and I've seen plastic lawn chairs up there before. I thought I would preempt anything bad from happening so I said right off that bat that these chairs were not to go to the top of the play centre, they were not to sit the chairs on top of the swing, and that the chairs were to stay on the ground. They kind of gave me this look of disbelief like I was asking for some outrageous request. I'm glad I did. Later.

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