Friday, July 2, 2010

CeCe finds her toes

I haven't been writing that much lately, I'm not sure why, just feeling uninspired. We had a good Canada day yesterday. We went to the pancake breakfast at church to start the day. They had two astro-jumps there, so the girls had a good time. Then by the time we got home, my brother had called and asked if we wanted to come out to Pike Lake for the afternoon. We had a good time visiting, swimming and water sliding. Jorja and Ginny had a blast playing with their cousin, so that was good. I went out to check on them once, and they were 'washing' the motorhome. Well one was spraying it with a water pistol, and the other was wiping the water off with her hand. I asked what they were doing, and they replied that it wasn't easy being servant girls.

CeCe found her toes, and quite enjoys them. Ah, to be that flexible...not that I would want to suck on my toes.

We had a bit of a shower this afternoon. Well, maybe that is an understatement. This is what our street looked like. Crazy. Everything was good in the house though, so that was good. We are a lot luckier than a lot of people in the city.

The other day, I had gotten the girls some gummie bears. They were sitting in the car eating them, and Jorja was telling me all the flavours, "The yellow ones taste like lemons, the orange ones taste like oranges, the green ones taste like limes, and the red ones taste like all the red fruits." Wow, what a magical little candy. Later.
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