Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pancakes and puking

We went to the pancake breakfast at the brewery this morning (I just had the coffee). Jorja was fine when she woke up this morning, and then by the time we got in the car to go, she started saying that her forehead hurt. It was 9:00 already, so we thought maybe she was just hungry because usually they eat breakfast by 8:00. So we got there and got our food, and she starts to cry, saying she doesn't like the pancakes or the juice. We try to make her eat some, but she doesn't really want anything to do with it. So the rest of us finish, we walk outside, and she proceeds to puke...about 10 feet away from the pancake line. She started crying, and then Ginny started crying, and screaming, "Jorja's puking." Where is the hole to crawl into? We got them calmed down and a wonderful volunteer cleaned everything up for us and was super nice to Jorja. Then we went home. So much for that. I felt bad though, I was thinking Jorja was just having one of her 'moments' and then she really is sick. She threw up once more at home, decided she wanted to eat some lunch, was running around by this afternoon, and was fine for supper. Kids are so resilient.

I went and rented a few movies this evening for my recovery time on the weekend. The brochure says not to do anything on Friday except lay on the couch with ice for 30 minutes each hour. Does anyone have any explanations to tell Ginny when she asks why Daddy is laying on the couch all day with peas on his penis? (We have always used the real terms for body parts). Really, I'm open to suggestions. Later.

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