Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Where does the time go?  I can't believe we're into August already.  In 27 more days, Jorja will be back in school - full time this year.  Crazy! 

We went to Julie's parents' place for the long weekend.  Julie had to work Friday, so we left that night after supper.  We used to think that driving in the evening was the way to go - girls would sleep and generally travel better.  Not the case.  We also came home in the evening, and CeCe didn't sleep one wink in either direction.  That's over 7 hours of an awake 18 month old in the car.  That's too much.  The other two slept eventually, but not CeCe.  If it would translate into sleeping in, it would be a different story, but that does not happen.  Oh well, we survived.

We had a nice visit while we were there.  On Saturday we drove to Cypress Hills Park because I commented (others may say complained) that after twelve or so years of going to Julie's parents' place I had still never been.  It really is a beautiful place.  We had a nice lunch there, played a round of mini-golf and played at the playground.  All right, there may have been better things to do without the kids, but we had fun and I still got to see the scenery.

Now it appears that a cold is making it's way through the house again.  Not everyone has it yet, but I'm sure they will.  Yeah sleepless nights!

Lately it seems that everything between Jorja and Ginny is a competition.  I pick them up after work and they race to the step.  Then they crowd the door so I can't open it.  Meanwhile, I'm holding CeCe, my backpack and their bag of supplies from daycare.  Don't worry about me guys, just push each other off the step.  When I do get the door unlocked, there is a flurry of little bodies clamouring to get around my legs.  Don't worry about me guys.  Turning off the alarm isn't that important.  Then there's the race at the supper table.  Seriously guys, you shouldn't be able to put 30 blueberries in your mouth at once.  It's a good thing they're in season right now.  A mouthful like that would cost three dollars in the winter.  Today's competition took the cake though.  We were driving home and Ginny sneezed.  Julie commented on how that was a big sneeze and said 'bless you.'  Jorja piped up right away, "Actually I'm the sneeziest!"  Really dude?!  Later.  

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