Monday, August 29, 2011

Bed time with Ginny

Ginny has the ability to make my blood boil one minute and then melt my heart the next. Especially at bed time. I know all kids go through this stalling phase - 'I want one more drink...I have to blanket is off.' Ginny is definitely no exception.

Every night as soon as I leave the room and get downstairs it's the same thing. "Daddy. Daddy. Daddy!" A couple of nights ago this was going on and I went back up. She said she was still thirsty. I gave her the benefit of the doubt this day simply because we had had company and she had been playing outside for quite a while after supper. I got her a drink and then read her the riot act. As I was walking out of the room, she said "Daddy." The hairs on the back of my neck began to stand up. "I won't call you again. I promise...and I won't break that promise." How do you stay mad at that?

Tonight was a slightly different scenario with the same results. Jorja had piano lessons tonight, so they were a little late getting to bed. The commotion had disturbed CeCe who was now crying in the next room. I got Jorja and Ginny tucked in and then went to rock CeCe back to sleep. Ginny's bed is right next to the wall that separates CeCe's room from the other girls'. As Ginny tosses and turns, her every move seems to hit the wall. It's not quiet either. With every thud, my blood pressure begins to creep up. Then she starts to say, "Jorja, wake up." No response. "Jorja, wake up!" No response. This goes on several more times until I can feel my pulse in my forehead. I put CeCe down and storm into Ginny's room. I ask her what she is doing and she says, "I just wanted to tell Jorja I love her." Really? Again, how do I stay mad at that?

We like to ask CeCe if she has phoofey toes and then when we smell them, we make a face and say, "Phewwweeee!" It's usually good for some laughs. Now she has started doing it to herself. I'll ask her if she has phoofey toes and she'll stop, sit down, smell them and say, "Phewwweee!" She's a pretty funny kid.

Tomorrow is Jorja's first day of grade one! I took the week off work because I have more holidays than Julie to use up, so I thought this would be a good time. Julie and I were up labelling all her supplies the other night, so I think she is ready to go. She's excited. I'm nervous. She'll be fine I know. It's just another one of those milestones that seem to be happening all too often these days. It's going to kind of weird being home with just Ginny and CeCe. Weird and challenging. Jorja is a good helper - she'll watch CeCe for half and hour so I can get some lunch or supper ready. Ginny means well, but I wouldn't trust her to watch much, let alone her little sister. We'll see. It should be interesting. Later.

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