Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Finger popping

Julie drops the kids off at daycare in the morning and I pick them up.  As a result, we have to have a set of car seats in each car.  Jorja and Ginny are both big enough for boosters now, so a while back, we bought two new ones for the Outlander (which we drive more) and put the old ones into the Alero.  The new ones are quite a bit narrower and therefore easier to get the seatbelts done up.  Cars and even SUVs are not really made to fit three car seats across - it is a tight squeeze.  Anyway, the point of all this is that we have one black booster seat and one pink one with flowers in the Alero.  When we first made this transition, there was always a fight to sit in the pink seat.  There had to be a strict regimen of who sat there yesterday and whose turn it was.  Now things have changed.  Jorja always wants to sit in the black seat.  Very strange.  Yesterday she said to me, "Dad, I'm not really into pink anymore.  I mean I still like my room, I'm just more into some other colours now."  Once I could close my mouth again, I asked her what colours.  "Black," she said, "and blue."  Wow, it appears my little princess may be going goth.

I like to keep the girls educated in their musical tastes.  Lately I've been playing old videos for them on Youtube.  One of their favourites is 'Pop goes the world.'  CeCe especially enjoys this one.  I usually put my finger in my cheek and make a popping sound when it's playing.  CeCe has picked up on this, so as soon as she hears it now, she puts her finger in her mouth, gets it all slobbered up and pulls it out quickly.  It's pretty impressive really.  She's a pretty smart cookie.  Today, all I had to do was hum the song and she was popping her finger.  Pretty cool.

We still feed CeCe a bottle of milk before she goes to bed.  She could probably be done - maybe we're just hanging on to this bonding moment with our last baby.  Anyway, the last two nights when I stood up and was patting her back to get her to burp, she pushed my hand away and started to slap her butt.  Not only does she hold the bottle herself, now she wants to burp herself.  The scary thing is that it worked.  Maybe she is ready to be done.  Just not sure I am.  Later.

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