Saturday, April 2, 2011

Some things never change

It's funny how the generation, gender and toys are all different, but the problems basically remain the same.  When we were little, the argument was over who got which matchbox car.  Every time we played, we took turns picking out our cars, very much the same way that teams get picked on the schoolyard.  I'm not sure how we decided who picked first, but I do remember usually having my favourite white 69 mustang with the two blue stripes going over the hood and roof.  There must be some benefits to being the oldest I guess.

Fast forward 30 some years.  This morning the girls were playing with Littlest Pet Shop animals.  They were fighting over who got some and who had more.  Jorja wanted one in particular, and that made Ginny want that one even more.  They each had a huge pile of them and were fighting over this particular one.  I asked them why they weren't even playing with the ones they had, they just had them in a huge pile.  They insisted that they were, they just wanted to keep them separated.  Ginny finally agreed to let Jorja have one of hers, so Jorja took one.  Ginny proceeded to look at her pile and then she stuck her finger in the hole where the missing animal was and said, "But now there's a hole in my pile.  I can see the floor."  Jorja quickly proceeded to push the pile together to fill in the gap.  This didn't really appease Ginny, so I decided to intervene.  I counted Jorja's pile and it had 18.  I then counted Ginny's pile and stopped at 18.  I put the remaining 12 in the middle and they took turns picking them, just like we used to do.  Some things never change.  I guess we'll see what happens tomorrow.  Later.

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