Monday, April 11, 2011


The other day I was doing 'this little piggy' to Ginny.  I have a real problem with this rhyme.  Pigs should not eat roast beef, so I always change it to something else.  After a couple times of doing this, Jorja decided she wanted to do it to me.  She got to the part about roast beef, and said roast beef.  No, I said, no roast beef.  Yes, roast beef, she would say.  No roast beef.  Yes.  No.  Yes.  Finally, she got a book of nursery rhymes and showed me, "See Dad, it says roast beef."  Well, it's wrong, I said, it shouldn't.  She was getting kind of frustrated with me by this time and said rather sternly, "Dad, that's what it says!  Maybe it's fiction!"  I must admit, I was shocked.  I had to agree, maybe it is fiction.  I hope nursery rhymes are anyway.  Otherwise you better hold onto your silverware.  Later.

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