Friday, April 8, 2011

Finances with Jorja

The past two nights have finally been fairly restful.  CeCe has been battling an ear infection and has not been her usual, happy self.  More if a little bear really.  Poor thing.  She is finally feeling better now and sleeping better too. 

There is no school today, so we are going to meet Julie at the mall close to her office for our 'usual no school on Friday lunch date.'  The girls have been excited all week.  They are both going to have subs with chocolate milk and a cookie for dessert.  That was decided on Monday I think.  Today there is an extra bonus though.  Julie's Dad ended up coming up for one night to go to an auction sale here.  When he was leaving, he slipped each of the girls $5.  We told them they could spend this at the mall today.  Well, you can feel the excitement in the air now.  Last night Jorja couldn't stop talking.  "We're going to go to Children's Place and buy maybe a bracelet, or a necklace or a headband.  I know where the headbands are.  They're near the front in this thing *makes a rectangle shape with her hands* close to some pink shirts.  Yeah, I thing I'm going to buy a headband if there's a headband for $5.  Do you think there will be a headband for $5?  That's what I'm going to buy.  Ginny, what are you going to buy?  I'm going to buy a headband..."  It should be interesting, to say the least.

Ginny didn't want to spend her money at first, but then she received some sound financial advice from her older sister.  "Ginny, if you buy something, they'll give you more, different money back!"  If only things worked that way.  That was all Ginny needed - she was then going to buy two necklaces and a headband.  Whoa there Ginny, I don't think you'll get more than one thing.  Yes, it will be interesting.  I must be crazy.  Later.

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  1. Oh the entertainment. Those girls are priceless! I'm glad you're keeping a record of their memorable moments. It will be so meaningful to them when they are older! Here's hoping Jorja's shopping/finances find a balance! (from a true shopaholic!) xxxx Jill