Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's kind of a chicken

We had a little bit of excitement (if you could call it that) with the car yesterday.  By excitement I mean a big puddle of oil on the garage floor.  Not exactly a welcome sight.  It turned out it was the oil filter and we caught it soon enough that no damage was done.  In the meantime though, I had to catch a cab to work this morning.  I didn't think getting the whole house up to drive me to work for 6:00 am was a very viable option, so I went with the cab.  Upon hearing the news of this, Ginny asked, "Are you going to take a yellow one?"  Would you like me to take a yellow one?  She replied, "Yes."  So I called United.  She was quite happy this afternoon to hear that I had taken a yellow one.  I would have preferred it if he had been on time and not just finished a cigarette, but I didn't want to burst her bubble.

This evening we went out for supper with some friends.  We had a nice time, but noticed CeCe was kind of pulling at her ear.  There happened to be a walk-in clinic right there with no line up, so we whipped in to check if her infection had not totally cleared.  It turned out she was fine, but while we were waiting, Ginny decided she had to poop.  Really?  Okay, so off we go.  I took Jorja along with us because I didn't want to leave her in the waiting room by herself.  The was this big poster in the bathroom that said '100 things to do to live to be 100.'  Ginny doesn't really like to be watched while she does her business, so I would pick a number and make Jorja find that number and read what it said.  Sure enough, after a few things, Ginny had pooped, we walked out into the waiting room and there came Julie and CeCe.  A quick trip all around. 

One of the 100 things to do to live to be 100 was eat plenty of fish.  Julie has never been a fish-liker and I've never been a real fisherman, so needless to say the kids haven't had a lot of exposure.  Recently, however, we started to buy fish sticks once in a while.  The kids seem to like them (and so does Julie with enough lemon juice) so all is well.  Today though when Jorja said you should eat plenty of fish, Ginny said that if she ever ate fish she would spit it out.  Jorja said, "No Ginny, not a real fish, just chicken.  I mean, we call it fish, but it's kind of a chicken."  I couldn't keep a straight face after that.  I guess a fish stick bears a strong resemblance to a chicken finger.  Who knew?

Yesterday marked one year of blogging.  Crazy how time flies.  Later

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