Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bathroom breaks with Ginny

I'm not sure if it's just the novelty of things, but Ginny seems to have to go to the bathroom everywhere these days.  This morning, I was just buckling her in the car for church and she said she had to go.  I asked her if she could wait till we got there and she said yes.  By the time we were there she had forgotten already, but I asked her and took her anyway.  I would sooner have that than in the middle of Sunday school.  At least the bathroom was empty this time.  It's always an adventure taking her.  The last time I took her at church, we had to wait for a stall to open up and someone was using the urinal.  "What's that boy doing?!" she asked in a rather loud voice.  This 'boy' was probably 60 and I just wanted a hole to crawl into.  Today the coast was clear though, so we just went in.  About two drops came out.  She said, "Sometimes there's a little, sometimes there's a lot."  I guess so. 

After church we went to Smitty's for lunch, and Ginny had to pee again.  They have a family bathroom there, so at least there's some more privacy.  She was all done and ready to wash her hands.  It came to dry, and she started doing a pretty good 'wax on, wax off' impression in front of the paper towel dispenser.  I realized she was trying to make the paper towel come out.  The only problem was that is didn't have a motion sensor.  Use the force Luke, you can get it.  Okay, I pulled some out for her.  Later.

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