Saturday, April 9, 2011


I was up early this morning to go and get some blood taken (just part of the yearly check-up).  I got there 20 minutes early and was the third one in line.  By the time the door opened, there must have been a dozen people behind me.  I think the last time I lined up outside so early in the morning for something was in 1989 to get tickets to ZZ Top.  This wasn't as enjoyable.

The girls did their shopping yesterday and were thrilled.  Jorja picked a white headband with a big flowery-bow type thing on the side that had a big heart-shaped jewel in the middle.  She thought she was pretty hot stuff.  We were walking outside later and she said, "Look, my headband changes my shadow."  Yes it did alright.  The way her shadow was, she could have had two heads.  Ginny picked out a necklace that had to have pink and purple in it.  Not quite as showy as the headband, but she thought it was pretty special too.  They were both a little put out by the fact that they didn't get any change back.  I had to spot them each a couple of bucks.  Another lesson in finances I guess.

Julie and I are going to a wedding dance this evening, so that should be fun.  A date!  Without kids!  Yes, it will be fun.  In the meantime, Ginny is at music lessons now and Jorja goes at noon.  Maybe a snooze after that?  We'll see.  Later.

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