Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kill girl

On Saturday I decided that it was time for a haircut.  It had been quite a while since my last one, so it was needed.  I should clarify that when I say haircut I mean buzz it all off with a clipper.  I decided a couple of years ago that it no longer paid to have someone cut the few hairs that are on the top of my head.  It maybe wasn't the best timing considering the weather out there - it was quite the shock to my scalp to feel the -40 degree windchill.  Anyway, Julie buzzed me after the girls were in bed on Saturday.  When they woke up Sunday morning, the first sound that escaped both Jorja's and Ginny's mouths was a giggle.  I'm not sure how I should have taken that.  I decided not to let it bother me.  On Monday when I picked the girls up from Dee's house, I was wearing my touque (a necessity now).  Ginny asked me, "Did you get your hair back Daddy?"  Not quite yet Ginny.

This evening Ginny found an ant on the bathroom floor.  I'm not sure where they come from at this time of year, but there it was.  Usually when Jorja sees a bug it's the end of the world.  Screaming, kill it Daddy, I'm scared, the whole nine yards.  Ginny has kind of taken Jorja's lead in this matter, except for today.  I'm not sure what clicked in her head, but she was on a mission.  "There's an ant Daddy!  Let me get it!  I'm the kill girl!"  All right then, I'll stay out of your way.  Later.

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