Monday, March 7, 2011

Ginny turns three

Three years ago today, Virginia June was born.  She is definitely our feistiest child - has been right from day one.  I guess it's good to be strong-willed and independent.  Well maybe some day it will be.  When you're two going on three, the strong-willedness can be a bit much at times.  But she is also kind and tender-hearted.  She is the first one to find a soother for CeCe when she is crying and tries to comfort her.  She has a great sense of humor and can be quite the clown.  She is wonderful and beautiful and perfect in every way.  We are incredibly lucky and I love her more than I thought possible.

We had her party yesterday.  We rented a room at a local civic centre - it had a slide and a little play house and some cars to sit on and drive.  There were 5 kids plus ours and I am glad we didn't have it at the house.  They're a little young for anything too organized yet, so we basically let them loose to play, then had cake, opened presents, and then we were done.  We've learned a few things about birthday parties.  Jorja's first one was in the backyard - we had the slip n slide and kiddy pool out.  It was for three hours.  From that we learned that 2 hours is plenty for a party.  From Ginny's we learned that for a 3 year old, an hour and a half would be plenty.  We'll have it all figured out by the time CeCe is ready.  It's not like the kids didn't have fun, you could just tell that they were starting to get a bit restless.

Julie made a Hello Kitty cake, which was the theme Ginny had decided she wanted.  It turned out awesome.
Here's a few more shots from the festivities:

So this evening we had Ginny's actual party.  Earlier on she had thought that she needed cake on both the party day and her actual day.  Needless to say that after the party, we were drained and Julie didn't feel like making more cake.  In order to avoid a meltdown, we picked up a cake at Safeway last night just to be ready.  So we had supper and I asked Ginny if she was ready for cake.  "No," she said, "I'm good."  Ice Cream?  "No."  Voortman blueberry cookie (Walmart had them on for $1.00 the other day and I've always been a sucker for them)?  "Yeah."  Well happy birthday to you.  Jorja decided she just wanted ice cream, so now we have an entire cake in our fridge.  Who's coming over?  I'll be up for an hour.  Later.  

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