Sunday, June 3, 2012

CeCe steals the stage

It appears summer may be here.  It felt like in on Friday and Saturday anyway.  Jorja came home from school on Thursday asking if she could stay at school for lunch on Friday.  A lot of her class and her teacher were going to have a picnic under a tree.  It's always a hassle packing the other two up twice for the lunch time trip on Fridays so I said sure.  The rest of us took the opportunity to pick Julie up from work and have our own picnic down by the river.  CeCe and Ginny thought that was pretty neat.  Who am I kidding?  So did Julie and I.

We ended up having another picnic on Saturday too - this time all of us.  We're not quite prepared for summer though.  Ginny came home with a dozen mosquito bites and CeCe and Julie have pink shoulders.  Time for the sunscreen and bug spray I guess.

Today was Ginny's final music recital for the year.  We ended up getting there fairly early, so we had front row seats.  Our proximity to the stage gave Ginny enough confidence to go up there all by herself.  Well, she had the courage to go by herself, but CeCe thought she could use some help.  Half way through her first song, CeCe made a break for it.  Yup, she barrelled her way right up onto the stage right in front of Ginny.  She felt she fit right in.  Heck, by the second song, she was picking up on the actions too.

Yes, there is no stage fright there!  Later.

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