Friday, May 25, 2012

Saint Marguerite's Got Talent

A couple of week ago, Jorja brought home a sheet of paper saying her school was holding a talent show.  There was a section to fill out if you wanted to enter.  I asked her if she did and she said yes, she would like to play the piano.  The sheet also said that there would be auditions and that due to time constraints, not all acts would make it.  I'm not sure if anyone actually got cut, or if that was just their way of making sure kids took it seriously.  She picked her song, and practiced it regularly and last Friday had her audition.  It was over the lunch hour, and Ginny, CeCe and I happened to be driving home right around that time.  We stopped at the school to see if she wanted to come home for lunch after her audition.  We got there just as she was coming out of the audition room, and she saw us and came running over, "I made it!!" she said, beaming from ear to ear.

Fast forward to today.  The show started after lunch, and Julie took some time off work to see it, so we all went over to the school together.  I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it was really well put together.  The gym was decorated, there was a spotlight, mikes, a sound system, electric guitars.  There are some really talented kids in that school.  And staff. 

I have a little aside to tell here.  It happened at the talent show, but doesn't really have to do with the talent show.  We were sitting fairly close to the front and kids were filing in class by class.  Jorja's class came in and her teacher came over to say hi.  It turned out that she was having a shake for lunch, and Jorja told her that her Mom has those lots too.  Her teacher replied that Julie had lost a lot of weight and was looking really good.  She asked Jorja if she knew how much weight she had lost.  Jorja said she didn't know, but made a gesture to her chest and said, "But these things aren't as pointy anymore."  There's honesty for you.

Okay, back to the show.  By the time the gym had filled up, it smelled like it was full of sweaty little kids.  I'm not sure how many there were, but with 2 classes of each grade, it must have been at least 250 kids.  Plus staff and some parents and family members.  It was full.  The first act was the principal and caretaker playing guitars and singing a rock version of The Lord's Prayer.  They were really good.  Then came a grade 4 girl who belted out Adele's Rolling in the Deep.  She was really good too.  Then came the reason we were there.  Jorja came out in front of all those people and played her song.  We were so proud of her.
Julie had to get back to work and CeCe was getting pretty fidgety, so we didn't stay to the end.  But when I picked Jorja up from school today, she said she got third place!  She was the only grade one student from either class to audition.  What a brave kid.  We are really proud of her.  Later.

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