Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Six year old 'reality'

Soccer went much better for Ginny this week.  She played the whole game, had fun, made a new friend.  She wasn't too interested in touching the ball - she shied away whenever it came her way, but she followed the herd around at a safe distance.  Much more enjoyable than the ugly cry for an hour.  Jorja and I went along to watch her, so Jorja, Ginny and her new friend spent their time off the field playing tag.  I think that was more fun.

Jorja had skating tonight and Ginny came along to watch with me.  She had to bring her telescope to see better.

Jorja is doing pretty good.  Still a lot of 'walking' on the ice, but her balance is getting a lot better.  And she didn't spend the whole lesson sucking on her mitts this time.  Last week, it seemed she would fall just to get more snow onto her mitts so that she could eat it off.  It grosses me out.  I've played hockey.  I've seen hockey.  Hockey players spit.  A lot.  I told her this before today's lesson and it seemed to have worked.  That and the fact that I told her she couldn't have a sucker when it was over of she sucked on her mitts.  I know, I'm kind of mean.

The ride home was filled with the usual chatter in the backseat.  Jorja informed me that she would like to take art lessons now so that she could be an artist when she grows up.  That and a singer.  Ginny then chimed in that she only wanted to be a singer.  Jorja was quick to point out that that wasn't a real job.  "Being a singer isn't a real job Ginny.  You have to have a real job.  You just put on concerts and go on stage and sing.  You still need a real job.  Like being an artist.  That's a real job."  Alright then.  Good luck paying the bills with that one.  I'm not saying it's not possible, just not very likely.  Later.

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