Monday, May 14, 2012

The last little while...

Where has May gone?  I can't believe it's half over already.  Where to begin catching up?  We just celebrated Mother's Day yesterday.  The girls were bubbling with excitement - they HAD to serve Julie breakfast in bed.  Translation when your kids are 6, 4 and 2 - I had to serve Julie breakfast in bed.  But they got to deliver it and were thrilled.  Julie was thrilled with it too.  They also gave her all sorts of treasures they made at school and daycare.  We ended the day with an ice cream cone (see the photos to follow.)

Jorja had a field trip to the public library today.  One thing to remember is that kids' library cards don't get charged late fees.  However, when you are delinquent for long enough, they charge you for the book.  Yes, I'm speaking from experience.  So I went to the library yesterday to settle her account so that she could take a book out today.  When I got there, the librarian told me that if I could find the book, I would only be charged five dollars.  I know where the book is, I just thought we were stuck paying for it.  I decided to pay it so that she was good for her field trip.  (If I bring the book back within the next six months, I'll get my money back)  So after I paid, I double-checked that we were all good.  "She's not going to be traumatized tomorrow when she can't take out a book?" I asked.  The librarian then decided to have a little fun with me.  She said, "That really is the fear isn't it.  She'll come in and we'll say 'Do you know what your fines are at little girl?  Now get out!(pointing to the door)'"  Then she had a good chuckle.  So did I.

Ginny started soccer last week and I'll just say that I hope this week is better.  She started out fairly hesitant and ended up crying uncontrollably until we left early.  CeCe and Jorja had fun playing on the playground instead of watching.  Oh well.  Here's to tomorrow.   

Jorja came home today and asked me, "Dad, when can I start to make my own lunch?"  Excuse me?  Did I hear that correctly?  "Whenever you want!" I said.  I hate making lunches.  So she made her own lunch right then before supper.  When Julie got home from work, Jorja filled her in.  She's so excited to eat her lunch now because it will taste better now that she made it.  I think it will taste better because I didn't have to make it.

Here's some pictures from the last little while:

Best friends

Best friends 2

Being goofy

CeCe helping make the bed

Mother's Day ice cream treat

Slightly messier...

A lot messier


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