Monday, May 21, 2012

Long weekend

In an effort to get the girls to sleep better (go to sleep, stay in bed all night and sleep until 7:00), we decided to use some positive reinforcement.  If they are good all week, there will be some sort of reward on the weekend.  Last week was good, so on Saturday we went to the library and then stopped at Petland.  The girls love getting books and especially Jorja now - she always has her nose in a book.  Anyway when we got to the pet store, this is what we saw.
I'm not sure if you can tell what is going on here, but this is a rat on top of the glass divider between the rat cage and and the mouse cage.  Gross.  He never did get the courage to come down, but I'm not sure what he would have done had he dropped to the mouse side.

On Sunday afternoon we all went for a bike ride and ended up at the 'red park.'  It's just a playground fairly close to us that is really nice.  The surface is made of rubber - it's way better than sand.  Here's a few shots of the fun there:

Today we started planting the garden.  We did a bunch of seeds, but no bedding plants yet.  After fighting with the rototiller for three days, I called a guy on Kijiji and had it done this morning.  There were too many weeds coming and it was getting to late.  It really needed to get tilled this weekend and that wasn't happening.  Now I have to fix the rototiller.  The girls had a blast planting:

There were some dirty feet and hands when we were done, but nothing a little hose couldn't cure.  CeCe didn't get into the planting yet this year, but she kept an eye on things:

Jorja and Ginny were busy jumping on the trampoline this afternoon too.  They were outside by themselves for a while and then came tearing into the house to get us to come watch them.  They both had their hats on backwards and had worked out a little 'play' for us.  So we watched.  They were jumping and and reciting what they had rehearsed.  Well, the two of them were laughing so hard, you couldn't understand a word they said.  When they finally calmed down enough, Ginny said, "Hey dudette, you look totally cool!"  Jorja replied, "You look totally cool too."  Then they turned and asked us what they were.  When we couldn't guess, they let us know:  "We're skateboarders!"  Oh, how did we miss it?  I guess the backward hats and the way they were talking were supposed to give it away.  Now we've got skater punks.  Later.

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