Saturday, June 9, 2012

Flying solo

This is my last night at home alone with the kids.  Julie left early Wednesday morning for a work conference in Halifax.  It's been a fairly long haul, but we made it.  All is quiet upstairs, I just finished watching the hockey game, and now I'm avoiding laundry.

The girls all did pretty well.  There were times of tears here and there, but all in all, they held things together.  Things are different now than used to be.  We both have iPhones now, so we are able to FaceTime.  Yes, the girls actually got to see Julie each night before they went to bed.  When I was a kid, that kind of stuff was science-fiction.  So that helped anyway.  By tonight they were getting pretty starved for some Mamma time though.  The three of them trying to crowd around the phone screen and all talk at the same time proved to be a little much.  Oh well, they miss their Mom.  I miss her too.  The airport tomorrow afternoon should be fun.

It rained all day today.  Not a great Saturday.  It varied in intensity, but never stopped.  We went to the library this afternoon - we had to do something to get out of the house.  Jorja was out of books to read anyway.  Then we stopped at the pet store before picking up some pizza and coming home.  CeCe was fascinated with the gecko today.  We would leave the glass window she was watching it through and look at something else.  I'd turn around and she'd be back there, "Gecko, gecko!"  Jorja was fascinated with the lizards when she was young too.  Weird. 

Oh well, I guess I should get some laundry folded.  Later.

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