Friday, July 1, 2011

Family Vacation...part 1

We are on our way to Canmore for a few days to see my family and then Calgary for a couple more to visit Julie's brother and his wife.  Rather than driving the whole way in one shot, we decided to break things up and come as far as Hanna last night.  That is a four hour drive - roughly half way.  Julie had to work yesterday, so we left around 6:00 pm.  As we were leaving Saskatoon, I set the trip odometer.  At exactly 14.3 km into the trip, Jorja asked if we were almost there.  Yes, it was a looonnnggg trip.

We got here to Hanna around 10 and then everyone was awake for a bit.  Too long.  CeCe didn't settle until after midnight.  You would think that just maybe once they could sleep in?  Nope.  6:00 Jorja was up, Ginny at 6:30, and they had CeCe woke up by 7:00.  Let the good times roll.

Our theme song for the trip is Lindsey Buckingham's 'Holiday Road.'  I bought it from itunes before we left and played it as we were leaving.  I'll play it again this morning.  Here come the Griswolds!  Later

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