Sunday, July 10, 2011

Holidays are over

Our week of holidays is pretty much over now.  All that's left is getting stuff ready for work tomorrow.  I'm not ready to go back yet - 5:15 may come kind of early.  Not like I ever get to sleep in, but compared to that, 6:30 is sleeping in.

We spent the last few days here at home doing some fun stuff around the city.  We went to the spray park one day when it was hot out.  Julie took the older two girls to a matinee movie at the cheap theatre.  Jorja was a bit put out they weren't going to Cars 2, but warmed to the idea anyway.  Today we went swimming at the Shaw Centre.  The pool has been there quite a while now, but this is the first time we actually went.  It was awesome and the girls had a blast.  Jorja is getting so brave in the water now that she went down the full size water slide all by herself.  It's nice because you don't fall into the pool at the end.  It just ends in a separate chute that has about six inches of water in it.  It's pretty cool. 

The past two nights, Ginny has decided that she is ready to go without a pull-up on.  We're pretty proud of her.  Of course she had to have an accident the first night, but she was good last night.  We told her that she has to be pull-up free for a while and then she can get a big girl bed, so that's what she's working towards.  She has decided that she would like Hello Kitty bedding for the new bed when the time comes.  That's a little more rare than the princesses so it's good we have some time to find it.

We were getting Jorja's birthday party invites ready to send out today, so we were discussing who would be invited.  Since it is a princess party, I said she probably didn't want to invite any boys.  She said no she didn't and then said there were these three boys in her class that wouldn't let anyone play with them because they had a 'club.'  I said that boys were funny that way sometimes.  She then asked if I was funny like that when I was a kid.  Once I got over the shock and awe that she would even consider such a thing, I replied no.  Then she said, "You weren't funny, you just smoked."  What field did that come out of?!  She has seen people smoking and we have told her that it's no good and that I used to smoke as well, but I'm not sure what made her think of that now.  I replied, "Yes, I used to smoke, but I did NOT smoke when I was in Kindergarten."  Sheesh.

CeCe is starting to say more words now.  It seemed to take her longer than the other two, but it's coming.  She's such a little stinker though.  She will almost never say Mommy to Julie.  She can say it and does say it, just not when Julie wants her to.  She also doesn't like to imitate new words if you just say them in a normal tone of voice.  You have to give it some gusto.  We say 'dude' a lot in our house.  I'm not sure why it's just one of those things.  We use it in a gender-neutral way.  Anyone can be 'dude.'  I was getting CeCe to say this the other day, but I had to give it some feeling.  "Duuuude!" I would say.  "Dooooooooooo!"  She would say back.  It was pretty cute.  Today she was walking around the living room saying, "Dooooooo!"  My work here is done.  Later.

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