Monday, February 21, 2011

Speaking of...

The other day at breakfast, the girls were looking at the flowers on the table.  Jorja asked if they had drank all their water.  I said that I had put some in yesterday.  Then Ginny said that she would like water to drink for breakfast.  Jorja then piped up, "No Ginny, you should say, 'speaking of water, I would like some for breakfast.'"  Where does she get this stuff from.  Then she did the same thing at lunch time.  It was Friday and I was getting her backpack ready for school.  I asked her what she wanted to take for a snack.  Then Ginny said she wanted a granola bar for her snack.  Jorja said, "No Ginny, you should say, 'speaking of snacks, I would like a granola bar.'"  Sheesh.

Friday morning, CeCe had her one year shots.  She did pretty good, all things considered.  She cried of course, but who wouldn't.  Julie works Fridays, so had all three of them to take with me.  Ginny was a little upset by the whole thing - she doesn't like to see her sister hurt.  "Will there be a hole?"  she asked me.  Poor thing.  She held it together though and didn't quite have any tears.  They've changed things again though and combined some vaccines.  There were only two needles instead of three like the other girls had.

Ginny is now pretty comfortable pooping in the toilet.  So much so that she and Jorja have started discussing it.  Ginny had went yesterday and Jorja asked her, "How many turds did you have Ginny?"  "Six," she said, "they kind of looked like a flower."  If only they smelled that way.

Last night Jorja came into my room in the middle of the night quite upset because something was wrong with her clock.  "Daddy!  Daddy!  You've got to come see my clock!  There's something wrong.  It says '1 h two dots h.'"  I tried to assure her that it was fine, but she was not letting go of this, so I went to look.  I have to admit that in my semi-conscious state I was a bit confused myself.  It really did say '1h:1'.  Then I looked closer.  Somehow the clock got turned upside down.  It was 1:41.  As Pooh and Tigger say, 'this mystery is history.'  Later.

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