Friday, February 4, 2011

Last minute changes

Why is it that children feel the need to fill their pants just when you're ready to walk out the door.  This seems to happen more often when there is an actual appointment time that you could be late for.  Take today for example, we were just getting ready to go get Jorja from school, and there is CeCe, holding onto the doll house all red in the face.  As I was changing her, Ginny decided that she had to pee, so off to the bathroom she went.  (She ended up pooping during the night last night, but she's still walking around uncomfortably today.)  I finally got everyone dressed and out the door and thought I had made it to the school in time only to find out that they got out early.  Sheesh.

I didn't realize how much I missed the daily walk to the school.  Well, I say that today because it was plus two.  I miss the walks from the fall when we were all home.  Now all I get is Fridays, but that's probably just enough to keep me enjoying them.  Later.

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