Monday, July 2, 2012

Photo shoot

Happy belated Canada Day!  We spent most of Canada Day indoors because of the rain.  Yes, it rained most of the day again.  It wasn't raining first thing in the morning though, which was good.  Every year, our church puts on a pancake breakfast for Canada Day, and it just so happened that it was on Sunday this year.  So we put on our Canada Day shirts and headed out for pancakes, sausage and church.
The shirts didn't begin as a traditon in our house, but they have become one.  Every year, everyone gets a new shirt for Cananda Day.  This year I even got some for Julie and me.  I was trying to get the girls to pose, but Ginny was getting devoured by mosquitoes in the early morning humidity, so this was the best that I could do.  You get the idea - young patriots. 

The rain held off for breakfast, but by the time we were out of church, it was coming down.  It stayed that way off and on pretty much all day.  The kids are not at an age yet where we would even attempt fire works, so it didn't matter that much. 

Saturday was a beautiful day out and we spent a good portion of it outside.  I was able to get a section of our fence that was pretty wobbly shored up - hopefully for at least another year.  Julie planted some more flowers, and the girls played.  Jorja recieved a flower from her birthday party that we had planted in the garden the other day.  She insisted over and over that the plant was dry and needed water.  Now I've learned that it's not a good idea to bring out the water until you're almost ready to go in.  So when we were all done, I turned on the hose and told her and Ginny that they could water the garden.  By this time, Julie was wrapping up and I was BBQing supper.  I went back to inspect their work at one point and saw them watering the potatoes which are along our back fence.  The fence backs our neighbour's garden. 

*A little aside about our neighbour - He is a fairly elderly fellow that never looks happy.  He doesn't say much, but always seems to be in his garden, just watching it and us.  He is quiet, and I'll be in the backyard doing my own thing, or something with the kids, look up, and there he is, looking at us through the fence.  He must really dislike us - his garden is spotless and right though the fence is ours - not so spotless.  Add to that the noisy kids, and I think you have a recipe for disdain.*

Now the hose isn't quite long enough to reach the back fence, so if you knew what you were doing, you could arch it just right and hit the potatoes.  Or if you are Jorja, you could just blast it through the fence and hit our neighbour.  I yelled at her to stop and she said ok.  Then she gave him another shot.  He was walking away by this time, but not that quickly.  I yelled again, saying someone was on the other side of the fence and she was spraying him.  "I know," she said, and then proceeded to give him another shot. It was all I could do to keep from laughing.  Finally she had things under control, but he was out of reach by that point.  He never did say anything - just stared through the fence with his usual unimpressed look.  Oops.  Sorry.

Friday afternoon was haircuts for all the girls.  It went reasonably well.  The girl we take them to has her salon in an old building downtown.  Each stylist has their own room and their own waiting room.  It works really well for CeCe.  Ginny went first and CeCe wasn't too bad.  Did some colouring and watching.  Then it was her turn.  She got up there in that chair and had the apron (not sure what it's really called) put around her and she didn't flinch.  She is quite the little girly-girl too.  The only thing she ever sits still for at home is getting her toes painted.  Here she is.
Then on Friday evening, the girls went for their photo shoot.  The photographer and her daughter were amazing - both during the shoot and with the editing.  We couldn't be happier with the results.  Here's a link to the photographer's blog, where she posted a bunch of the pictures.  It saves me uploading them all.
Right now, CeCe is napping and Julie took the girls to a movie - the new Disney one - Brave.  They were pretty excited about that, so hopefully they (I really mean Ginny) were able to sit still long enough to enjoy it.  Have a great rest of the long weekend.  Later.

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