Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Holiday Road, part 1

This year's family vacation started on Saturday with a long car ride to Calgary.  We got away at a decent time in the morning, and took a different route this time through Drumheller.  The road was good and not as boring as the normal way.  Our original plans didn't include stopping at the museum, but we were there midafteroon, so we thought, what the heck.  The girls had fun.  With CeCe wreaking her own brand of mayhem, we didn't get as much out of it as we could have, but it was good nonetheless.  The girls were most thrilled with the fossilized poop I think.  Figures.

Once in Calgary, we stayed with Julie's brother and sister-in-law.  We spent Sunday shopping and made a serious dent in the Crossiron Mills Mall.  Lots of new clothes and good deals.  Julie was very proud of the fact that we saved more than we spent at the Gap.  That's some good shopping.

Monday was off to Calaway Park.  It was quite busy and super hot.  We petered out a little sooner than last year and didn't have the patience to wait for the log ride, but the kids had fun anyway.  CeCe was into it this year too.  All the rides that she was tall enough for anyway.

Today we hit the zoo.  We were last there two year ago when there was a sign that the penguins were coming in 2012.  The girls have not forgotten that fact, so we had to go back this year.  They we pretty cool.

We made our whole loop of the zoo and almost missed the flamingos.  We found them on our way out and Jorja did a pretty good sleeping flamingo impression.  Tomorrow we are off to Canmore.  Later.

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