Monday, August 6, 2012

Holiday Road part 2

We left Calgary early in Wednesday morning.  Early because our children cannot sleep in.  It doesn't matter what time they go to bed, they are up between six and seven.  Holidays were no exception.  Probably worse than normal actually.  So we got up, packed and headed for the mountains.  Before going to Canmore, we went through the Banff first and took a trip up the gondola.  We all had fun and it wasn't even too scary.  Here we are on the way up.

After the gondola, we headed back to Canmore and spent the next three nights there.  We met up with my sister and her family who have a condo there.  We did some more shopping, some walking and spent some time in the pool.  The weather was still pretty good although we did have some rain.  It was nice enough for ice cream one afternoon though.

Saturday morning we packed up again and made the long trek back to Saskatoon.  The girls have seen Julie put her feet up on the dashboard a few too many times, to they thought they should stretch out too.  Here's Jorja's foot behind my head.

And what would a holiday be without our theme song.  We sang it at the start of every leg of our journey.  Look out Griswolds, here come the Kroekers.



  1. Wow, you guys need to start a band. That song is awesome. Can I join your family cause it looks like so much fun. I love that even CeCe is getting into it.

    p.s. Julie, why are you playing piano on Worship Team when you could be singing?

  2. Wow! Thanks for the comment guys. No one ever comments on here. We always have room for more singers - just wait till the next year's edition. :)