Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Vegas, baby

We had to go to Costco on Sunday to pick up a few things. We've been going there more often lately and the girls are starting to enjoy the samples. Some days are better than others though and this fact has not eluded them. When I take them first thing Friday morning, the sampling is not too great. So as we were getting in the car to head out there, Ginny said she hoped there would be samples. Jorja piped up, "Of course there will be. It's the weekend."

I realize I haven't written yet since I turned 40. I have to say I don't really feel any different, which is good I guess. My party was awesome. I had some great friends and family out. The weather was great. Julie surprised me with a child-free trip to Vegas in November. I was shocked and ecstatic. It had been our goal/hope/dream to go this year, but I had pretty much given up. Then her cousin volunteered to watch the kids, she booked some flights and hotels and we're off. Well we will be anyway. Pretty cool.

I'm trying something new today. I set up my blog to be able to post from email so I am typing on my iPhone during my lunch. Hopefully it works ok. I'll have to check out the formatting when I get home. Anyway, beer calls. Later.

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