Sunday, January 30, 2011


This weekend has had it's ups and downs.  It all started a little over a week ago.  There was a wet spot on the carpet in front of the computer (right where you put your feet when you're sitting there).  We asked Ginny if she spilled her water there and she said that yes she did.  Poor thing is admitting to crimes she didn't even commit - I'll get to her innocence in a minute.  We put a fan on the floor there and it took two days to dry out.  That probably should have been our first clue.  A couple of days later it was wet again.  It didn't seem to make much sense, because it was right on top of a concrete floor.  So last night after the girls were in bed, I started to peel back the carpet to see what I could see.  Well, the whole corner of the room under the computer desk was wet and had been for a while - long enough for there to be mold there.  My brother came over (bless him) and helped me find the problem.  A fair bit of soft, wet drywall later, we found the culprit behind the wall.  The main sewer drain pipe from our upstairs bathroom had a leak from one of its joints.  Talk about gross.  This had been happening for I don't know how long, but way too long none the less.  So tomorrow I'll call the insurance company and see if we're covered and the plumber is already booked in for tomorrow afternoon.  Meanwhile the family room is slightly rearranged furniture-wise to keep the kids out of the contamination/construction zone.  Fun stuff.

On the upside, Ginny finally pooped in the potty today.  She has been wearing panties quite successfully for some time now, but still had not gone poop in the toilet.  She usually asked for a pullup after supper and we'd let her do her business in there.  Not any more.  She wanted one so bad today, the poop was basically falling out by the time she finally gave in and went on the toilet.  But she did it!  Yahoo!  One more to go.  Later.

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