Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bible story

Last night I was reading the girls their bible story.  There are questions at the end, so I always tell Ginny to pay attention.  It's not the first time we've read through this bible (they have two that we alternate between) and I remember what some of the questions are.  When I'm sure I know that the part I'm reading is a question, I slow down and say it loudly and clearly for Ginny's benefit.  Sometimes I even ask her right then and there the question.  It's not that she wouldn't know the answer if she paid attention, she's just usually off in her own little world.  We are near the beginning of the bible right now (still on creation) and I asked Ginny what God made one the day I just read.  The appropriate answer would have been Adam and Eve, but she looked at the picture and said, "Trees."  Yes, in case you hadn't guessed, her answer usually consists of whatever picture is on that page.  So we got to the end, and the question was 'What did God make Eve from?'  Ginny responded, "A pumpkin."  Oh so close.  Then the last question was one where I told them there was no right or wrong answer.  The question simply asked what is your favourite thing that God made.  Ginny made up some gibberish word and proceeded to laugh hysterically.  When she calmed down, I asked Jorja and she said, "Diamonds, jewels, anything glittery."  Apparently she already knows what is supposed to be her best friend.  Later.

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