Sunday, January 9, 2011

I won't cry

We are preparing for week two of Julie working and daycare.  Week one finished on a better note than it started.  CeCe didn't cry at all the last day, and Ginny didn't for very long.  CeCe had a fairly decent nap for the first time, and was happy all day.  Here's hoping that the weekend didn't put us back to the beginning.  Poor Ginny, she's trying so hard to be brave.  All weekend a long, she kept asking if tomorrow was a home day.  Then she would say how there are four (I will call our new sitter Dee) Dee days and then three family days.  Today she was asking if tomorrow was another Dee day.  (That doesn't sound very good, does it?  I think I might cry too.  Oh well, it's not her real name.)  Then she got this look like she gets when she wants to cry, but is trying to fight it.  Her bottom lip kind of quivers and you can just see it in her eyes that she is trying with everything she has not to cry.  She said, "I won't cry tomorrow."  It was enough to break your heart.  What a little trooper.

A couple of nights ago, Jorja was sitting at their little colouring/craft table which is in the corner of our dining area next to our kitchen table.  I was around the corner in the kitchen working on something.  I was listening in on a conversation between Jorja and Ginny.  Maybe Jorja comes by her snoopy ways honestly.  Anyway this is what I heard.  Ginny asked Jorja what she was doing, and Jorja replied that she was making cut-out puppets of our family.  Interesting.  She was working on making the hair for the girls.  Apparently they were all going to have the same hairstyle.  Then Ginny asked, "What about Daddy?"  Jorja replied, "I'm just going to leave him bald."  Is that right?  Ginny suggested that she should make me some spiky hair.  Thanks Ginny.  Jorja replied that she didn't know how do that, so she was leaving me bald.  The nerve.  Okay, maybe it's not so much of a stretch.  Later.

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